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Canadian Coins Numismatic Issue 2023 Vol. 1, 76th Ed.
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    This catalog contains a comprehensive collection of Canadian coins, spanning from the 1600's to the present day, which are displayed, listed and priced. It includes information on foreign coins in Canada from the 17th to the 19th century, pre-decimal coins, and coins from various regions of Canada, as well as detailed coverage of the circulating coinage. The catalog also features sections dedicated to proof platinum coins, designs, trial pieces, test tokens, bullion maple leaf coins, collector...

    Canadian Colonial Tokens - 11th Ed.
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      A reference for all Canadian colonial tokens: the standard. You may see the effort put forth to carry on the work from the tenth edition to the eleventh edition of the Charlton Standard Catalogue, Canadian Colonial Tokens. There were around 200 additional or better images. By keeping only the most pertinent reference numbers, we continued our prior simplification of the numbers. Additionally, countless small problems were resolved.

      2023 Canadian Government Paper Money - 34th Ed.
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        A reference for all Canadian government paper money, "The Standard." Numerous changes and additions have been made to the 34th edition. Prices have been revised to more accurately represent the current market and provide a better idea of market value.

        Canadian Communion Tokens, 2nd Edition  ISBN:0889681546
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          Covers tokens used in Canada West, Canada East, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Price Edward Island from 1770 to the early 1900s.