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Eurotool Digital Caliper with Stone Holder
Retail: $37.95
As low as: $30.36
Availability: In Stock
Item #: 783918 -

This 9 1/4" digital caliper comes standard with a stone holding plate attachment for easy measuring of loose stones watch crystals beads etc. With the touch of a button you can convert measurements from millimeters to inches and back. Accuracy to .01 mm. The measuring system is a non-contact linear CAP with LCD display and an auto-off system to save the battery. Caliper will measure inside outside or depth and features a fine adjustment thumb wheel and zero set button. Comes in a protective...

Mini Digital Caliper 4 inches, 100mm
Retail: $39.95
As low as: $31.96
Availability: In Stock
Guardhouse Item #: 783864 -

A state-of-the-art miniature digital caliper that is practical and compact with an elegant finish. This caliper measures in inches and millimeters with accuracy assured at 0.01mm. Includes a single 1.5 volt cell battery and a protective plastic case with foam lining.

Plastic Pocket Gauge
Retail: $6.95
As low as: $4.76
Availability: In Stock
Transline Item #: 783651 -

Plastic Pocket GaugeHandy, lightweight millimeter pocket gauge from Switzerland made of high impact nylon. Measures up to 75 mm. Use for coin sizing, diamonds, etc.

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Plastic Pocket Gauge

Plastic Pocket Gauge

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