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2x2 Coin Envelopes 2x2, coin envelopes, paper
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    2x2 Coin Envelopes Acid free, sulphur free and PH neutral paper 2x2 Coin Envelopes provide safe and economical storage of your coin collection. Envelope flaps are plain and do not have adhesive gum. Available in a variety of colors so that you organize by coin denomination. Manufactured by Guardhouse, a trusted brand in coin collecting.Common Envelope Color Organization Red = Cent / Penny Coins Blue = Nickel Coins Green = Dime Coins Orange = Quarter Coins Brown = Half Dollar Coins Tan = Large...

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    2x2 Coin Envelopes 2x2, coin envelopes, paper

    2x2 Coin Envelopes

    Price: $21.57