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Adventure Across the National Parks Quarters Book coin collecting book, coin collecting for kids, america the beautiful, national park quarters
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    Learn about America the Beautiful QuartersISBN: 0794828884Pub Date: 1/19/2009 Edition: Binding: Size: Pages: 0 Written to teach children about the joy of collecting America the Beautiful National Park Quarters and coin collecting in general.

    Coin Collecting for Kids
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      Colorful, kid-friendly book to introduce children to a lifelong hobby. Model Size Color Pack Qty 1584766247 9.5x11 1 The Coin Collecting for Kids collector's book and coin album introduces you to the fascinating and valuable hobby of collecting coins. Coin slots on every page take you on a tour of the Mint, whisk you through the twentieth century, and challenge you to find old and new coins. Special acid-free paper will keep your coins safe for years. Explore the world of early money and learn...