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Collecting Confed. Paper Money Field Edition 2014
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    The Standard Guide to Confed. MoneyWritten by Pierre Fricke, the Collecting Confed. Paper Money Field Edition 2014 is a 574 page guide designed to travel with you. Within its cover you will find history, grading, rarity and recent values for all 70 types, including major counterfeit types, along with train and hoer place, military and civilian issues, and CSA bonds. Regular issue and contemporary counterfeits are presented side-by-side to help you compare and identify differences. This is a...

    Helpful Hints, for Enjoying and Collecting, 1st Edition  ISBN:
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      Book offers a variety of topics, from the do's and the don'ts of collecting and how to properly store your coins, to hints on attending coin shows, buying coins through the mail and how to grade different types and denominations.

      Top Morgan Dollar Die Varieties- An Advancement Of Knowledge
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        The primary objective of this book is the presentation and advancement of knowledge of many of the top Morgan Dollar die varieties. The evolution in the study of a series requires a more in depth understanding of those coins. Not just that they exist, but how and why they were created and what factors contributed to their creation. The first chapter explains what criteria was used to select the top varieties. The beginning of the book presents the die making process and provides an analysis on...