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Rewards Points

Rewards points are earned with every purchase. 99% of items offered on our website will accumulate rewards points for you. Rewards Points formally expire 1 year from the day an order is placed. Customers are encouraged to use their rewards points before they expire to save on their orders. Registered customers who provide an email in their order are given a courtesy email to let them know their points are expiring.

How do I view my reward points?

There are a few ways you can check your rewards points balance. 1) Log into your account on the top right corner of the page, and under your customer information, you should be able to see your past order history and active rewards points. 2) At the checkout page, there is a rewards points section where you can view and apply the number of rewards points remaining to your current order.

What is the value of a rewards point?

1 point is worth 0.025 dollars. We sometimes have throughout the year events that double the value of your rewards points, thus increasing the discount. This is our way of rewarding customers who make frequent purchases at our store.

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