Choose The Correct Box for Your Coin Capsules

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Choosing a box for coin capsules can be confusing.  The are so many different sized coins and matching capsules to go with them.  And, just to make things really fun, capsules are labeled with sizes likes A, T, H & I or S, M, L & X.  So, how do you know which capsule and corresponding box you need for your collection?  

Coin Capsule Sizing Chart



Direct Fit Coin Sizes

Ring Fit
Coin Sizes
A S (small) Cents, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Small Dollars 13 - 19 mm
.512 - .748 in

30.93 mm
1.218 in

M (medium) Half Dollars 20 - 25 mm
.787 - .984 in

36.49 mm
1.437 in

H L (Large) Large Dollars, Silver Rounds, Silver Eagles 26 - 32 mm
1.024 - 1.260 in

44.45 mm
1.75 in

I X (X-large)
33 - 41 mm 
1.299 - 1.614 in

51.58 mm
2.031 in

Model Columns
These boxes are designed for use with two primary coin capsule manufacturers. There are FOUR different capsule sizes.  The model columns specify how each manufacturer designates their capsule sizes so you can choose the correct box.  For example, if you have your coin in an Air-Tite A capsule you will need a box that holds size A.  If your coin is in a Guardhouse L capsule you'll need a box that holds size L.  The two brands are interchangeable; meaning Air-Tite T is the same size as Guardhouse M.

There are two different types of coin holders: Direct Fit & Ring Fit

Direct Fit Coin Sizes
Direct Fit coin capsules hold a specific size coin.  Although the outside diameter is the same for all Air-Tite A or Guardhouse S capsules, the inside of direct fit capsules are molded to hold a specific coin.  You cannot put a quarter into a dime capsule.

Ring Fit Coin Sizes
Ring fit holders will accommodate a variety of coin sizes depending on the rings being used.  It is important for you to recognize that there is a difference between the coins held by direct fit holders and ring fit holders.  A quarter, for example, fits into an A / Small direct fit capsule or into a T ring fit capsule.  Similarly, a silver dollar fits into a H / Large direct fit capsule or I ring fit capsule.

Outside Diameter
There are only FOUR different outside diameter capsule sizes.  Regardless of which coin you are putting in your box the most important question for you to answer is which coin capsule it will go in.  Boxes are designed for THE COIN CAPSULE.

To properly select a box:

  1. Determine what coin(s) will be in it.
  2. Choose the correct capsule for you coin based on whether you are using a ring fit capsule or direct fit capsule.
  3. Choose the box designed to hold that capsule.


  1. Quarter
  2. Ring Fit = size T capsule (note that if you had chosen a direct fit capsule you'd need a size A. Since we are choosing a ring fit you'll need a 24mm ring, which goes in a size T capsule)
  3. Any box designed to hold size T capsules
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