Coin Capsule Storage Boxes

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Finally! A storage box designed specifically for round coin holders.

If you are like many collectors, you have coins in round coin capsules, but no convenient way to store them.

Well, now there is a solution. Coin Supply Express now carries 7 box sizes designed to safely hold and store small, medium, large and extra large round coin capsules.

These coin capsule storage boxes have been designed to snugly hold your coin capsules in place whether in your home or on the move. The boxes firmly hold your coins in place and protect your coin capsules from scratching, while still allowing for easy removal of capsules from the box for inspection.

Box configurations come in single row and double row styles. Single row boxes hold 25 round capsules, and double row boxes hold 50 round capsules.

Capsule boxes hold the 4 most common sized capsules: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Not sure which capsule you have? Click here to view our Standard Exterior Capsule Sizing Comparison Chart.

Guardhouse coin capsule storage boxes work with most coin capsules, including Guardhouse direct-fit holders & Air-Tite (A, T, H, I sizes) round coin holders as the exterior diameter of these capsules are all similar.

Please visit our website for more information on how to get your capsules organized the fast, easy and fun way with Guardhouse coin capsule storage boxes today!

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