The Wisdom Of Whitman: 4 Benefits of Coin Folders

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Collecting coins is a great way to document American history, but quality coin storage is necessary to make the most of your collection. 

Whitman coin folders offer collectors a wide variety of benefits, including:

Durable Storage

Whitman coin folders are tough and sturdy, providing enduring protection for your coins. Whether you plan to keep them on an open display or store them in an archive, Whitman folders will keep them in good condition.

Secure Coin Slots

Each slot in a Whitman coin folder is specially designed to lock coins in place. If you place the edge of the coin in the slot and press down, the coin will be permanently lodged in the folder. This reduces the likelihood that coins will become dislodged and locked.

Historical Highlights

Each coin slot comes with a detailed description of the coin's history. You'll have no trouble keeping track of the material the coin was made of, the years when it was printed, and other essential information. These descriptions tell American history from a monetary perspective, providing a unique insight into this country's events.

Goal Generation

Besides allowing you to view your coins and their history securely, Whitman coin folders also make it easier for you to identify coin collection goals. The folders are divided into types of coins from particular eras and give you a comprehensive list of all coins of these types that were minted. Filling in the spaces gives you a clear sense of which coins you still have to collect, and you'll feel accomplished once you finally fill in all the slots.

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