Purchasing Coins: Wholesaler vs Retailer

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Are you in need of a rare piece to complete a coin collection? Perhaps you are interested in obtaining a coin from a specific era in time. Regardless of your needs, having the knowledge of where to turn when the time comes to work with a dealer is of the utmost importance. 

  In this day in age, coin dealers can be broken down into two different categories. On one hand, we have the wholesaler. On the other hand, we have the retailer. 

  Many people prefer to go to the smaller provider, as a smaller business may seem more reliable. But, often times the retailer is purchasing from the wholesaler as it is. Additionally, the wholesaler is generally part of a certified network and should have many references.

  The wholesaler will be prominent at coin shows and conventions. If you are looking to make a smart purchase, attending these conventions is your best bet as to not deal with any questionable transfers of goods. 

  In the end, ensuring you have thoroughly researched your dealer, whether a wholesaler or retailer is crucial before deciding to purchase anything.  

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