The Hunt For Older Coins: 3 Outlet Recommendations

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Many times, when on the hunt for specific coins as part of a collection, we may hit a roadblock. Often times, this roadblock stems from the need of a specific piece you just can't seem to find through any of your regular outlets. Luckily, especially if you are in search of a United States coin, you have many options to help you along the road to success.

  Our first option, while it may seem like a tedious process, is perfect for the coin collector on a budget. One can obtain coin rolls from their local bank. This is virtually free. And, if the coin you are looking for isn't found, you're still left with the full amount of the roll. 


  Our second option is to check out some online auction websites. eBay is a huge one for numismatics. Most would say eBay is a safe platform to use. Our recommendation is to check the seller's reputation out. Read through their reviews and take not of anything which may indicate the user may not be trustworthy.

  Lastly, attending coin shows can be a great way to not only try and find the coin you are looking for, but also to learn. Coin shows tend to feature a large variety of different coins from different places around the world. Attend a coin show and gain some helpful knowledge to use in your future endeavors! 

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