How To: Start A Coin Collection

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So, numismatics has sparked your interest. Perhaps you've come across a special coin within your home, or a relative has introduced you to the intriguing and rewarding world of coin collecting. 

If you are looking to get into coin collecting, here's a few tips on how to start your first collection:

1. See what you have - Many people already have a few coins which would be an amazing start to a collection. Perhaps you have a few state quarters, or national park quarters! 

2. Set goals - Which collection are you going for? Aiming to obtain a complete set is the best method to take if you are looking to achieve results. If you're up in the air, attend a coin show or ask a fellow coin collector. They're sure to have some great suggestions!

3. Get supplies - In order to compile a collection, you`ll be needing some coin folders or other coin collecting supplies. You can grab them right here on Coin Supply Express. 

4. Identify sources - Search your area as well as trustworthy companies with strong reputations for serving the numismatist community. Research thoroughly.

We hope this tips are helpful. Check back on our blog for coin collecting news and tips. Happy collecting! 

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