Determining Coin Value

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While coin collecting can be both a relaxing passtime and bonding experience, it can also be one of profitability. Regardless of your motives, the fact stands that coin collections and specific pieces of currency can be worth quite the pretty penny. Whether you are inquiring with the motive of making a sale, or simply curious, determining your coin's value is a smart - and exciting move to make. 

Below are two ways to gain accurate pricing information on your coins:

1. Grab some literature: Every coin collector should have a proper coin catalog. These informational sources tend to get updated annually. Ensure you have the most current version. Check out The 2015 Official Blackbook Price Guide To US Coins below:

2. Have your coin professionally appraised: To have a professional appraisal, you can check the Professional Currency Dealer Association, The Professional Numismatist's Guild, or simply run a google local search! 

Seeking out expert advice on your coins is the only recommended way to receive a true value. 

Factors generally taken into consideration during appraisal sessions are as follows:

  • Date and age of the currency
  • The Country of origin
  • The coin's condition
  • The demand for the coin
  • The rarity of the coin: This includes the number products, the history of the design, any minting abnormalities or errors, and the recall history.

We hope these tips were helpful and gave you a bit of insight as to what determines the true value of a coin! As for your coin collecting supplies, we have you covered right here at

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