Coin Storage: Options

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With the time and effort it takes to build your coin collection, it only makes sense to make the effort to store them properly. Because of their small size, coins are easily lost and yet they hold value that makes it important to keep track of them. Whether you consider the value from a monetary viewpoint or because of a personal love of coins, you’ll want to store your coin albums so you can keep track of your collection. You may keep your coins tucked away in a drawer, or have them out for show on shelving for your guests to view. Whether for display or in private and whether you have a few single coins or a collection of coin sets, coin storage options are available to suit your needs.

  • Coin Flips are the most common storage solution. Typically, these are cardboard with a clear plastic covered cutout and simply fold around the coin and fasten with a staple. Other options are available in which the coin flip is made of plastic and seals shut more securely than with the use of a simple staple.
  • Notebook binders are available with add-on notebook pages to build your own coin album that has room to expand as your collection grows.
  • Small Zip-Lock bags or polyethylene bags can be a great way to store coins that you may want to maintain quick and easy access to. They protect the coin, and yet the coin is accessible for show or appraisal.
  • Storage boxes are available that have been specifically designed for coin storage. With the proper size and shape to hold rows of individually wrapped coins, boxes can be used equally well for small, medium or large coin collections according to the need of the collector.
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