Coin Maps: Beautiful Display Options

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Whether you are new to coin collecting or have been an avid collector for quite some time, chances are you have delved into collecting a geographically based series of coins.

In the Unites States, one of the most rewarding while simple collections to get together is the Statehood Quarter Collection. Many youngsters like to start with this collection, as they most likely have a few components already! These quarters, which were released by the US Mint were put into circulation between 1999 and 2009. A similar collection, which is still in the process of being released is the US National Park Quarters.

Working on these two collections is an amazing way to pay your respect to the beautiful country of the United States along with its most prized lands.

Coin Supply Express offers a variety of coin maps to help display your collection while in the worksand proudly after completion.

Take a look at the HE Harris State Quarter Map below:

And the National Park Quarters Map by HE Harris

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