Coin Collecting 101: A Vocabulary Lesson

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If you are just getting into coin collecting and want to learn more about it, being familiar with proper coin terminology is a must, in addition to obtaining the proper collecting coin supplies

Read below for a brief vocabulary lesson in coin collecting lingo:

The elements, like strike and luster, that make up a coin’s grade.

Small marks, nicks, spots of discoloration and other imperfections that spoil the surface of a coin.

A coin with full luster, which could contain extremely light toning at the most.

The process of rubbing or polishing a coin to create a shiny appearance.

The primary consideration when determining coin grade. The physical state of the coin. Condition of coins range from poor to mint state.

The glossy brilliance of coins reflecting the light off the flow lines.

Mint State:
When a coin shows no signs of wear and is in perfect new condition. It is the finest quality possible and has no evidence of handling, scratches or contact with other coins.

The blank disk of metal before it is struck by a coining press, which transforms it into a coin.

A coin grade with readable mint marks and date, but little more.

Term used to describe coins in original condition.

A particular motif or design used over a period of time.

A collection from a particular Mint, a collection of types or a collection in a series.

Term signifying the act of minting coin or to indicate the presence of a coin’s intended detail or

A coin without wear that has never been in circulation.

The above are just a few important definitions that will help you as you begin coin collecting. Knowing them, will help you understand a coin’s value along with various other attributes.

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