5 Coin Collecting Strategies. Take Notes.

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No matter how long you've been collecting coins, there are five basic strategies you should be following. 

1. For starters, it's important that you start with coins that you know have value, such as the Type II and Type III Liberty Double Eagles as well as the whole American Eagle coin family. By starting out with coins that have proven themselves to stay valuable, you can rest assured that your collection will have a solid foundation.

2. Another important strategy to follow is making sure that you preserve the condition of the coins you collect. After all, preservation is a major factor in determining how desirable the coins are to collectors, therefore determining how much they are actually worth. When you search for coins, try to find ones that are in good enough condition to be certified by NGC or PCGS.

3. Moving on, you should always make sure to invest in coins that are rare. If you find a rare coin, buy it now and watch it as it increases in value over the years. To determine which coins are the most rare, you can view their population information using empirical data detailing.

4. You should also do your best to collect entire families of coins and put them in coin folders. The more coins you have to each set, the more they are worth because coin collectors will find your coin sets more desirable.

5. Lastly, you'll want to study the cycles of coin collecting. During downward cycles, you'll be able to buy coins inexpensively, while being presented the opportunity to sell them for top dollar when the cycles move back upward.

  As you can see, there is much involved in collecting coins. Fortunately, though, anyone can dive head first into this hobby, just make sure to allow the aforementioned strategies to guide you. Visit us online for al of your coin collecting supplies needs. 

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