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Guardhouse Fractional Currency Top Loader - 25 PK

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Item #: 49176
Morland Fischer
  • ISBN: 1933990252
  • Pub Date: 5/7/2010 Edition: 1st
  • Binding: Paperback Size: 6x9 Pages: 266
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    World Paper Money Errors by Morland Fischer

    Throughout World Paper Money Errors Morland Fisher provides you an avenue into the fascinating and rarely explored area of numismatics, foreign paper money errors. For the first time, numismatists have access to a full color price guide for international currency, rather than only domestic notes. Fischer's ample collection exemplifies rare errors that result in the printing process to produce intriguing and unique notes.

    Odd shapes, upside down prints, intriguing cuts and folds, and missing design elements are only a few of the different printing errors examined in this expansive collection on foreign error notes. World Paper Money Errors is a visually compelling avenue into the fascinating and rarely explored area of numismatics that expands on the hobby of collecting paper currency.

    Author Morland Fischer's comprehensive collection reflects the attraction and advantages of exploring foreign printing errors. An overview of collecting paper money errors in today�s numismatic market offers insights on the great disparity between domestic and world notes. Market values are discussed, acknowledging what variables make an error note precious in the trade. Incorporating these concepts and more, Fischer expands the method of collecting currency errors by introducing a Foreign Error Note (FEN) scale to gauge price levels based on error type.

    With over 200 examples of dramatic, colorful and intriguing foreign paper money errors, collectors and spectators alike are exposed to a new form of collecting currency. Every currency collector will benefit from the unique presentation style of World Paper Money Errors.

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