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Guardhouse Coin Capsules (coin not included)
Individual Guardhouse Coin Capsules Sold Each

Price: $0.48-$0.57

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    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Wood Top Box for Guardhouse SMALL Coin Capsules
    In Stock 1+
    Wood Top Box for Guardhouse MEDIUM Coin Capsules
    In Stock 1+
    Top Box for Guardhouse LARGE Coin Capsules
    or 1 3/4" Challenge Coin without Capsule
    In Stock 1+
    Top Box for Guardhouse EXTRA LARGE Coin Capsules
    or 2" Challenge Coin without Capsule
    In Stock 1+


    Wood Top Coin Capsule Display Box

    This beautifully designed, hand made mahogany colored wood box is designed to hold a single coin capsule. The interior of the box features a white cloth wrapped lid and a black velvet foam base neatly framed with a white collar. The base insert opening, or slot, that holds the coin capsule includes a ribbon pull tab or thumb cut to easily lift the coin out of the box. This box can also accommodate challenge coins, no capsule required. Box only - does not include any coins. Coin capsules are sold separately.

    Outside of box is 3 7/8" x 3 7/8" x 1 1/4". Correct box for you is determined by size of the capsule or challenge coin.

    Choose the right box for your coins.

    Guardhouse boxes are designed to work with coin capsules.

    Each Guardhouse box has one or more openings, or slots, which fit a Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), or Extra Large (XL) coin capsule. The sizes - S,M,L, XL - refer both to the capsule size and the corresponding slot size in the box. Make sure to match the box slot size with the coin capsule size.

    For example, a box with a (4S,M) designation has five openings, or slots, for four Small (4S) and one Medium sized (M) coin capsule.

    When selecting a capsule to house your coin, select either a direct fit or ring fit capsule. We recommend direct fit capsules for standard U.S. coin denominations, and ring fit for everything else. Ring fit requires you to know the diameter of your coin in millimeters.

    The chart below shows common coin denominations, millimeter size ranges, and Challenge coin sizes, and pairs them with a Capsule and Box Slot Size.

    Slot Size
    Use Direct Fit Capsules
    for these Coins.
    Ring Fit for
    Everything Else
    No Capsule Required.
    Small Cent, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Small Dollar,
    1/10 oz Gold Eagle, 1/4 oz Gold Eagle
    13-19mm* N/A
    Medium Half Dollar only 20-25mm* 1.5 inch
    Large Large Dollar, Silver Eagle, 1 oz Silver Round,
    1/2 oz Gold Eagle, 1 oz Gold Eagle
    26-32mm* 1.75 inch
    Extra Large N/A 33-42mm* 2 inch

    *To measure your coin in millimeters for a ring fit capsule, all you need is a ruler with a metric scale.

    This Item Is Perfect For Challenge Coins

    Challenge coins are made in a large variety of sizes but we have found the most common to be 1.75" and 2". As it turns out, that's also the coin capsule slot size of several boxes that we sell. Here is how to choose the correct box for your raw challenge coin:

    • Measure your challenge coin in inches
    • Find the corresponding box
      • 1.75" fits boxes designated to hold model H or size Large capsules
      • 2" fits boxes designated to hold model I or size X-Large capsule
    • Do not use coin capsules with challenge coins
      Capsules increase the overall dimension. If you are putting your challenge coin into a capsule use the capsule size to determine the correct box.

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