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Item #: 783114
Dave Frank & David E. Seelye
  • ISBN: 0871842041
  • Pub Date: 1/15/2019 Edition: 1st Edition
  • Binding: Paperback Size: 6 x 9 Pages: 256
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    It is often forgotten that between 1942 and 1946, 425,000 German, Italian and Japanese prisoner of war were held at 700 POW camps in 46 U.S. States. They got here on troop ships that would have otherwise returned empty.
    This book is about the money, or chits that POWs used for their expenses in the camp, for cigarettes, candy or other items. The authors are both regonised experts on the topic.
    Years in the making, this is the most comprehensive book ever done on the subject. There are brief histories for most of the camps. Chits and the booklets they came in are shown in color. Prices are given in used and new conditions in a new numbering system devised by the authors.
    Limited print run.

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