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All Guardhouse Square Coin Tubes | Packs of 100

    Points to Purchase:1200

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    Guardhouse is a long time innovator of quality products, they've designed a perfect coin tube that features an easy to grasp cap, ergonomically designed body to its stackable ridges, this coin tube was built with functionality in mind.
    Looking to purchase coin tubes individually? Click Here: Guardhouse Square Coin Tubes/Individual

    Denomination Coin Capacity Inside Diameter Inside Height
    Penny 50 coins 20mm 78mm
    Nickel 40 coins 22mm 79mm
    Dime 50 coins 19mm 68mm
    Quarter 40 coins 25mm 71mm
    Half Dollar 20 coins 32mm 44mm
    Large Dollar 20 coins 39mm 58mm
    American Silver Eagle 20 coins 42mm 60mm
    39mm Silver Round 20 coins 40mm 66mm
    1oz Gold Eagle 20 coins 33mm 58mm

    Guardhouse Coin Tubes offer unique key innovative features:
    Secure - A tube should not require mountains of tape! The Guardhouse snap-tight lid fits snugly and secure, yet comes off easily with a simple twist and pull.
    Translucent - Now you can see what is inside, from the bottom and side of the tube, allowing you to quickly identify the contents and correct quantity. **Green lid is for 1 oz American Silver Eagle coin tube only.
    **Orange lid is for 1 oz American Gold Eagle coin tube only.
    All other denominations have white, translucent caps that match tube body.
    Monster Box Compatible - The American Silver Eagle tubes feature green lids and fit perfectly into the U.S. Mint monster box.
    Easy-Grip - Thumb notches on the lid make it easy to remove an individual tube from within a group of tightly packed tubes.
    Stackable - Ledges built into the base and lid make for easy vertical stacking.
    Ergonomic - Fits comfortably in your hand. No sharp corners or edges.

      Know Your Coins:
    • Silver Dollars ARE Large Dollars. They are different from American Silver Eagles. Both are marked "One Dollar" but the two coins are very different.
      • Silver dollars (Large Dollars)
        • Trade, Morgan, Peace and Eisenhower Dollars
        • 38.1 mm
      • American Silver Eagles are 1 oz Silver Bullion
        • 40.6 mm

    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Penny | 100 PK
    In Stock 1+
    Nickel | 100 PK
    In Stock 1+
    Dime | 100 PK
    In Stock 1+
    Quarter | 100 PK
    In Stock 1+
    Half Dollar | 100 PK
    ( Liberty Head, Liberty Walking, Franklin, Kennedy, & U.S. Commemorative Halfs )
    In Stock 1+
    Large Dollar | 100 PK
    ( Trade, Morgan, Peace, & Eisenhower )
    In Stock 1+
    Medallions ( 39 mm ) | 100 PK
    In Stock 1+
    1 oz American Silver Eagle | 100 PK
    In Stock 1+

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    Will these tubes accommodate mint wrapped rolls of quarters?
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