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Item #: 783746
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3 9/16'' W x 1 1/16'' L x 2 1/2'' H Clear 3
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    The all-new Defender slab-style coin holder offers a practical and stylish manner to store, protect and display your coin collection. The slab's angled corners, octagon gem bevel and frosted edges create the Defender's trademark look, making the Defender slab visually distinct from any other holder on the market.

    Defender coin holders consists of three parts: a lid, a base, and a silicone insert. The holders are stackable, with connecting ridges that secure the slabs from slipping or falling. The insert that houses the coin is made from high quality, food grade silicone, and is perfectly sized for each denomination. The holder itself is held together securely with a pressure friction fit, and a small notch at the bottom of the slab allows for reopening, if needed.

    The overall size of the Defender slab comes in around 2 7/16'' W x 3 3/8'' L x 7/16'' H and fits into most universal display and storage boxes. The slab also features a rectangular inset near the top measuring 50 x 20 mm to hold and display an identifying label. Meant to hold U.S. Pennies. Sold 3 holders Per Pack.

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