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Modern Commemorative Dollar Vol.1 - Dansco Coin Album 7065

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    Dansco Modern Commemorative Dollar Vol.1 Coin Album

    This Dansco Supreme coin album displays modern commemorative Dollars minted from 1983 to 1994.

    The Dansco model number for this album is 7065. It can be used with a3/4 inch Dansco slipcover(sold separately).

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    Dansco Coin Album
    United States Modern Commemorative Dollars 1983-1994
    Dansco Album Model 7065
    Page Contents
    Inside Cover History of modern commemorative dollars
    Page 1 Discus Thrower 1983p unc, Discus Thrower 1983d unc, Discus Thrower 1983s unc
    Discus Thrower 1983s Proof, Olympic Coliseum 1984p unc, Olympis Coliseum 1984d unc
    Olympic Coliseum 1984s unc, Olympic Coliseum 1984s Proof, Statue Of Liberty 1986p unc
    Statue Of Liberty 1986s proof, U.S. Constitution 1987p unc, U.S. Constitution 1987s Proof
    Page 2 XXIV Olympiad 1988d unc, XXIV Olympiad 1988s Proof, Congress Bicentennial 1989d unc
    Congress Bicentennial 1989s Proof, Eisenhower Bicentennial 1990w unc, Eisenhower Bicentennial 1990p Proof
    Mount Rushmore 1991p unc, Mount Rushmore 1991s Proof, Korean War 1991d unc
    Korean War 1991p proof, uso 1991d unc, uso 1991s Proof
    Page 3 XXV Olympiad 1992d unc, XXV Olympiad 1992s Proof, White House 1992d unc
    White House 1992w Proof, Columbus 1992d unc, Columbus 1992p Proof
    Bill Of Rights 1993d unc, Bill Of Rights 1993s Proof, World War II 1993d unc
    World War II 1993w Proof, World Cup 1994d unc, World Cup 1994s Proof
    Page 4 Thomas Jefferson 1994p unc, Thomas Jefferson 1994s proof, Women In Service 1994w unc
    Women In Service 1994p proof, Vietnam Memorial 1994w unc, Vietnam Memorial 1994p proof
    Pow 1994w unc, Pow 1994p proof, Capitol Bicentennial 1994d unc
    Capitol Bicentennial 1994s proof
    Inside Cover Description of how many U.S. modern commemorative dollars were minted throughout the years of 1983-1994

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