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3/4" Dansco Coin Album Slipcase

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National Parks Quarters P&D - Dansco Coin Album 7145
National Parks Quarters P&D - Dansco Coin Album 7145

Price: $47.95

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    National Park Quarters
    Minted 2010 - 2021

    Dansco single mint date set coin album for National Park Quarters also known as the US Mint America the Beautiful quarters. In December 2008 Congress enacted the Americas Beautiful National Parks Quarter Dollar Coin Act of 2008. This program will allow the US Mint to issue quarters emblematic of Americas national parks for each of the fifty states, the District of Columbia and United States Territories. At its completion the America the Beautiful National Parks quarter program will have minted 56 different quarters.

    • Date Set- Holds one coin for each state. Does not specify mint.
    • Coin Viewing From Both Coin Sides
    • Protective Slides Hold Coins In Place

    The Dansco Nation Park Quarters Date Set coin album will hold one example for each of the 56 national park quarters minted between 2010 and 2021. The inside cover this coin album provides a five paragraph overview of the national parks quarters program. The inside back cover lists and describes three of the United States national park services US Forest Service, National Park Service and US Fish and Wildlife Service. There are a total of eight interior pages. Four pages hold 16 quarters each for a total of 64 quarter openings each labeled with the national park represented by the quarter and the year of issue (the last eight slots are blank). Four pages are printed also printed with a paragraph description of each national park honored by a US Mint America the Beautiful quarter (printed pages do not hold quarters).

    Dansco National Park quarter albums are handsomely bound with a gold foil embossed cover and spine. All pages are held in place with a removable screw/post system so that individual pages can be replaced if they become damaged. Dansco coin album pages use acetate sheets on each of the page to hold coins in place so that both sides can be viewed while the coins themselves are thoroughly protected. This Dansco National Park date set coin album can be used with a 3/4 slipcase.

    Contents: Dansco Coin Album Model 7148
    Washington Quarters America the Beautiful
    National Parks 2010-2021 Date Set
    Page Contents
    Inside Cover History of National Park Quarters program
    Page 1* Description of National Parks:
    (front side) Hot Springs AR, Yellowstone WY, Yosemite CA, Grand Canyon AZ,
    Mt Hood OR, Gettysburg PA, Glacier MT, Olympic WA

    (back side)Vicksburg National Military Park MS, Chickasaw National Recreation Area OK, El Yunque PR, Chaco Culture NM, Acadia MN, Hawaii Volcanoes HI, Denali AK, White Mountain NH

    Page 2 Coins Held On Page:
    Hot Springs 2010, Yellowstone 2010, Yosemite 2010, Grand Canyon 2010
    Mt. Hood 2010, Gettysburg 2011, Glacier 2011, Olympic 2011,
    Vicksburg 2011, Chickasaw 2011, El Yunque 2012, Chaco Culture 2012
    Acadia 2012, Hawii Volcanoes 2012, Denali 2012, White Mountain 2012
    Page 3* Description of National Parks:
    (front side) Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial OH, Greate Basin NV, Fort McHenry MD, Mount Rushmore SD, Great Smokey Mountains TN, Shenandoah VA, Arches UT, Great Sand Dunes CO

    (back side) Everglades FL, Homestead NE, Kisatchie LA, Blue Ridge Parkway NC, Bombay Hook DE, Saratoga NY, Shawnee IL, Cumberland Gap KY

    Page 4 Coins Held On Page:
    Perry's 2013, Great Basin 2013, Fort McHenry 2013, Mt. Rushmore 2013
    Great Smokey Mountains 2014, Shenandoah 2014, Arches 2014, Great Sand Dunes 2014
    Everglades 2014, Homestead 2015, Kisatchie 2015, Blue Ridge 2015
    Bombay Hook 2015, Saratoga 2015, Shawnee 2016, Cumberland Gap 2016
    Page 5* Description of National Parks
    (front side) Harpers Ferry WV, Theodore Roosevelt ND, Fort Moultrie SC, Effigy Mounds IA, Federick Douglass DC, Ozark Scenic Riverways MO, Ellis Island NJ, George Rogers Clark IN

    (back side) Pictured Rocks MI, Apostle Islands WI, Voyageurs MN, Cumberland Island GA, Black Island RI, Lowell MA, American Memorial Park, N. Mariana Islands, War in the Pacific GU

    Page 6 Coins Held On Page:
    Harpers Ferry 2016, Theodore Roosevelt 2016, Fort Moultrie 2016, Effigy Mounds 2017
    Federick Douglass 2017, Ozark 2017, Ellis Island 2017, George Rogers Clark 2017
    Pictured Rocks 2018, Apostle Islands 2018, Voyageurs 2018, Cumberland Island 2018
    Block Island 2018, Lowell 2019, American 2019, War in the Pacific 2019
    Page 7* Description of National Parks
    San Antonio Missions TX, Frank Chuch River ID, National Park of American Somoa, Weir Farm CT, Salt River Bay US Virgin Islands, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller VT, Tallgrass Prairie KS, Tuskegee Airmen AL
    Page 8 Coins Held On Page:
    San Antonio Missions 2019, Frank Church River 2019, American Somoa 2020, Weir Farm 2020
    Salt River Bay 2020, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller 2020, Tallgrass Prairie 2020, Tuskegee Airmen 2021

    There are 8 unlabeled openings on this page.

    Inside Cover History of National Park Services: US Forest Service, National Park Service & US Fish and Wildlife Service

    *pages are desriptive pages only and do not hold coins

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