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    Up until now, everyone thought they had it, vendors have claimed it, none have truly delivered. This is the only product FREE of PLASTICS and ADDITIVES. This is archival PET and can only be sealed through ultrasonic technology. For any and all collectors who have always wanted to store and protect their currency collection in their safe and never worry if their collection is slowly rotting away because of the plastics, your answer has finally come. Coretek holders meet the highest standards of museum quality storage.

    Coretek coin flips and currency sleeves meet the highest standard in archival quality material that is available on the market today. To meet this standard, Coretek, uses Polyethylene Terephthalate material that is the safest material available for long-term storage. This material is inert, and contains no oils or PVC. Also, it is 100 % uncoated, biaxially - oriented PET which means no plastic, no additives, no UV inhibitors, no surface coating, and no absorbents/other contaminants. Coretek is a truly archival product line and represents the best practices in archival materials for coin and currency holders. Trusted by Professional Numismatists Worldwide.

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