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8125 7/8 Brown 1
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    Dansco Roosevelt Dimes with Proofs Coin Album

    Model Size Color Pack Qty
    8125 7/8 Brown 1

    This Dansco Supreme coin album displays Roosevelt dimes minted between 1946 and 2023 S-Proof (excludes 2023 Silver Proof).

    Features 6 removable pages with a total of 252 coin ports visible from both sides and protected with acetate.

  • Complete Set - P, D & S mints, including Silver proofs
  • Coin Viewing From Both Coin Sides
  • Protective Slides Hold Coins In Place
  • Use with a7/8 inch Dansco Slipcase
  • Dansco Coin Album
    Roosevelt Dimes Model 8125
    Including Proof-Only Issues
    Page Contents
    Inside Cover Brief history and description of Roosevelt Dimes
    Page 1 1946, 1946d, 1946s, 1947d, 1947s
    1948, 1948d, 1948s, 1949, 1949d, 1949s
    1950, 1950d, 1950s, 1951, 1951d, 1951s
    1952, 1952d, 1952s, 1953, 1953d, 1953s
    1954, 1954d, 1954s, 1955, 1955d, 1955s
    1956, 1956d, 19567, 1957d, 1958, 1958d
    1959, 1959d, 1960, 1960d, 1961, 1961d
    Page 2 1962, 1962d, 1963d, 1963, 1964, 1964d
    1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1968d, 1968s Proof
    1969, 1969d, 1969s Proof, 1970, 1970d, 1970s Proof
    1971, 1971d, 1971s Proof, 1972, 1972d, 1972s Proof
    1973, 1973d, 1973s, 1974, 1974d, 1974s Proof
    1975, 1975d, 1975s Proof, 1976, 1976d, 1976s Proof
    1977, 1977d, 1977s Proof, 1978, 1978d, 1978s Proof
    Page 3 1979, 1979d, 1979s Var. 1, 1979s Var.2, 1980p, 1980d
    1980s Proof, 1981p, 1981d, 1981s Proof, 1982p, 1982d
    1982s Proof, 1983p, 1983d, 1983s Proof, 1984p, 1984d
    1984s Proof, 1985p, 1985d, 1985s Proof, 1986p, 1986d
    1986s Proof, 1987p, 1987d, 1987s Proof, 1988p, 1988d
    1988s Proof, 1989p, 1989d, 1989s Proof, 1990p, 1990d
    1990s Proof, 1991p, 1991d, 1991s Proof, 1992p, 1992d
    Page 4 1992s Proof, 1992s Silver Proof, 1993p, 1993d, 1993s Proof, 1993s Silver Proof
    1994p, 1994d, 1994s Proof, 1994s Silver Proof, 1995p, 1995d
    1995s Proof, 1995s Silver Proof, 1996p, 1996d, 1996s Proof, 1996s silver Proof
    1996WB U, 1997p, 1997d, 1997s Proof, 1997s Silver Proof, 1998p
    1998d, 1998s Proof, 1998s Silver Proof, 1999p, 1999d, 1999s Proof
    1999s Silver Proof, 2000p, 2000d, 2000s Proof, 2000s Silver Proof, 2001p
    2001d, 2001s Proof, 2001s Silver Proof, 2002p, 2002d, 2002s Proof
    Page 5 2002s Silver Proof, 2003p, 2003d, 2003s Proof, 2003s Silver Proof, 2004p
    2004d, 2004s Proof, 2004s Silver Proof, 2005p, 2005d, 2005s Proof
    2005s Silver Proof, 2006p, 2006d, 2006s Proof, 2006s Silver Proof, 2007p
    2007d, 2007s Proof, 2007s Silver Proof, 2008p, 2008d, 2008s Proof
    2008s Silver Proof, 2009p, 2009d, 2009s Proof, 2009s Silver Proof, 2010p
    2010d, 2010s Proof, 2010s Silver Proof, 2011p, 2011d, 2011s Proof
    2011s Silver Proof, 2012p, 2012d, 2012s Proof, 2012s Silver Proof, 2013p
    Inside Cover List of mint years and quantities for Roosevelt Dimes from 1946 - 1998 (less
    than album contents)

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    Overall Customer Rating of 7 Reviews:

    Timely delivery


    Timely delivery. Well packaged and early delivery time. This album was the only one I found that had all the pages to include the current dates and the future through 2023. Other vendors albums were inclusive to 2012

    roosevelt dime dansco book


    great book ,very fast delivery!!

    Unionville, MO

    Coin BOOK


    I have bought from before and was and is very satisfied with the value and price and I know that it will be here within a couple of days.


    great products that enhances my collection

    not quite friendly customer service


    some additional retraining may be necessary for your customer service staff. not the friendliest I have delt with from other firms.


    I am sorry that we did not meet your expectations. We certainly believe that customer service sets us apart and regret that we failed to do that in this case. Thank you for letting us know how we can improve.