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Whitman Coin Folder Lincoln Memorial Cent 1999 to Date

Model Size Color Pack Qty
8196 6x7.75 Blue 1

Whitman brand folder for storing Lincoln Memorial Cents minted since 1999 through the current year. There are 90 ports in this folder for coin storage. This item includes additional information about individual coins as well as general information about Lincoln Memorial cent pieces. When open, the Whitman Lincoln Memorial Cent Number 2 folder lies flat for all at once viewing. Labeled starting 1999 and 1999D through 2009 and 2009D with 67 unlabled (blank) slots. Measures 6 x 7.75 when closed

  • Single Sided Coin Viewing
  • Coins Push Into Place

Whitman Coin Folder
Lincoln Memorial Cents Collection Starting 1999 Number Two
Whitman Folder Model 8196
Page Contents
Inside Cover No inside cover page
Page 1 Memorial Reverse, 1999 5.2 Billion, 1999D 6.4 Billion, 2000 5.6 Billion, 2000D 8.8 Billion
2001 5 Billion, 2001D 5.4 Billion, 2002 3.3 Billion, 2002D 4 Billion, 2003 3.3 Billion
2003D 3.6 Billion, 2004 3.4 Billion, 2004D 3.5 Billion, 2005 4 Billion, 2005D 3.8 Billion
2006 4.3 Billion, 2006D 4 Billion, 2007 3.8 Billion, 2007D 3.6 Billion, 2008 2.6 Billion
nine unlabeled coin holders.
Page 2 Thirty unlabeled coin holders.
Page 3 Thirty unlabeled coin holders.
Inside Cover Description of how many coins were minted each year

Mix & Match: Quantity discounts are APPLIED ACROSS ALL WHITMAN & HE HARRIS Folders.

An additional Case Quantity Discount is added in-cart for all folders ordered in multiples of 60 per title. Note: this case quantity discount is offered PER ITEM and applies ONLY to full case multiples of 60.


  • Order 60 each of the same penny folder - receive an additional case discount on top of the existing quantity discount.
  • Order 30 of one folder and 30 of another - no case quantity discount offered but still receive the 60 piece quantity discount.
  • Order 60 of one folder and 30 of another - receive the quantity discount for all 90 folders plus an additional case quantity discount for the item ordered in quantities of 60 pieces (but not the 30).
Overall Customer Rating of 6 Reviews:

lincoln penny folder 1999-date.

rec'd my folder 8 days after delivery notice. had to put a usps tracker on it which took about 15 min to fill out. the folder arrived in great shape. I think that the description of the item is VERY misleading. says 1999 to date. I assumed (& I know what they say about assume) but that the date would be to 2015 or 16. I was quite disappointed. the last book I have starts from 1975 and had spaces to put quite a few years into the other slots. it would be a waste of time to transfer from old book to the new one and write the same years in from the old book. think i'll donate it to some thrift shop.


Whitman Lincoln Penny folder


Disappointed. We are now in 2017. The printed dates end with 2008. Why??? Have these folders been sitting on the shelf for more than 10 years???

Whitman coin folder


was 2 weeks late


coin folder cent 99-date


nice quality & good price




Very attractive color matched folders, great to accent my collection

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