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Guardhouse Coin Capsules (coin not included)
Individual Guardhouse Coin Capsules Sold Each

Price: $0.41-$0.49

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    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Velvet Box for Guardhouse SMALL or Air-Tite A Capsules
    Out of Stock 1 $4.99
    Velvet Box for Guardhouse MEDIUM or Air-Tite T Capsules
    Out of Stock 1 $4.99
    Velvet Coin Capsule Box -Blue Holds a large size coin capsule - Blue Velvet
    In Stock 1 $4.99
    Velvet Box for Guardhouse X-LARGE or Air-Tite I Capsules or 2" Challenge Coin without Capsule
    Out of Stock 1 $4.99


    Velvet Coin Capsule Display Box

    This beautiful velvet box with underlying metal construction is designed to hold an encapsulated coin and some naked challenge coins in a recessed cradle. Dark blue velvet covering. Made in the USA. Does not include box or coin capsules, which are available separately for purchased

    Outside of box is 2.5" x 2.5" x 1". Correct box is determined by diameter of the capsule or challenge coin.

    • Small - holds Air-Tite A capsule or Guardhouse Small Capsules
      opening size: 1.22 inches (31 mm)
    • Medium - holds Air-Tite T capsule or Guardhouse Medium Capsules
      opening size: 1.44 inches (36 mm)
    • Large - holds Air-Tite H capsule or Guardhouse Large Capsules. Can also accommodate a 1.75" challenge coin without a coin capsule.
      opening size: 1 3/4 inches (44 mm)
    • X-Large - holds Air-Tite I capsule or Guardhouse XL Capsules. Can also accommodate a 2" challenge coin without a coin capsule.
      opening size: 2 inches (51 mm)

    Choose The Correct Box For Your Coins

    • Measure your coin in millimeters - there are two ways
      • Use a website like or
        • Search for your coin specifications (note, especially in older coins, different years can be different sizes)
      • Use a ruler with a metric scale
        It's really pretty easy to read. The ruler is broken into big lines and little lines. Each big line is a centimeter (spaced about 3/8") and represents 10 millimeters (1cm = 10mm, 2cm = 20mm). Just go to the closest large line and then add the number of little line. For example, a silver dollar is 38mm (3 big lines + 8 little lines)
    • Find the correct coin capsule
      • Some coins are listed by coin type - cent capsule, nickel capsule, etc.
      • Some times you'll purchase by size - 19mm, 27mm, 39mm
        (note: size refers to coin size, not capsule size!)
      • Identify the capsule size - it is always listed in the capsule description
        For Guardhouse coin capsules they will be S, M, L or XL
        For Air-Tite coin capsules they will be, respectively, A, T, H or I

    • Choose the box that matches your capsule
      • for example, an H capsule (or L) fits into a box designated H (or L)

    Here is a chart that shows matching capsule sizes (Size H = Large = 1.75")

    Air-tite Guardhouse Challenge Coin
    Size A Small n/a
    Size T Medium 1.5"
    Size H Large 1.75"
    Size I X-Large 2"

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