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  • Model: 
  • Size:  12 x 6 x 3.75
  • Color:  Orange
  • Pack Qty:  1
  • 50 Quarter Tubes and Storage Box

      Set Includes
    • One Guardhouse Quarter Tube Storage Box
    • 50 Whitman Round Quarter Tubes - holds 40 quarters per tube

    We've filled our popular quarter tube storage box with 50 quarter tubes to give you enough room to easily store $500 in quarters.

    Quarter tubes are a clear polystyrene coin tube with a polypropylene screw-on cap. These tubes are for loose coins and will not accommodate quarter coins rolled in bank wrappers. Tube size is 24.8mm diameter by 70mm depth

    The Guardhouse tube storage box is a heavy duty box with thumb cut notches for easy opening. Designed to hold tubes in square or round tubes or paper rolls. Internal box dividers are constructed of thick, multi layer chipboard and keeps your tubes or rolls from touching each other.

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