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S-7499-Basic Set 1
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"Gives spot-on readings right out of the box." William, Verified Reviewer

Model Size Color Pack Qty
S-7499-Basic Set 1

The Precious Metal Verifier Kit from Sigma Metalytics can be used with any kind of metal. It is used to measure the bulk metal in your coins in order to detect and prevent fraud in your precious metals. It can also determine numismatic authenticity. 

  • Can be used with any metal.
  • Reads the metal bulk�not coatings and plating.
  • Can read through packaging.
  • Very fast�1 second results.
  • No wet chemistry, no consumables, no scraping or filing.
  • Inexpensive to buy and use.
  • Detects and prevents precious metal fraud.
  • Can assist in determining numismatic authenticity.
  • Easy to use, easy to program for additional sample types.
  • Portable�long battery life.
  • Durable�no maintenance required.

This verifier does not destroy or alter your coin in any way.  In less than 1 second it sends electromagnetic waves through your coin and confirms its pattern against known samples.  For example, pure gold will return a wave pattern that is different than pure silver.  You tell the tool what metal you are measuring and it will tell you whether the readings match what is expected.  

What it will do is confirm the correct precious metal content for specific coins.  What it will not do is tell you the composition of those coins.  To provide another example, it will confirm that your coin is pure gold but it cannot tell you the various components of an alloy coin.  However, it is able to 'see' through plating. And, you are can use it without removing your coin from protective plastic cases.

Many standard metals are stored in the Precious Metal Verifier and can be selected by the user. For example, for gold coins the user can select pure gold, 22 K gold, 90% gold, or American eagle gold; for silver, pure silver, sterling silver, 90% silver. and Britannia silver. Pure platinum, palladium, rhodium, and copper also have stored values. Each of these coin and bullion metals will produce a unique reading on the Precious Metal Verifier. Even small changes in alloy make a big difference in the readings on the Precious Metal Verifier.

This kit includes both a small wand and a large wand. The small wand is used for smaller 1/10-ounce coins and the large wand is used for coins weighing between 1/4 and 1 ounce. The Precious Metal Verifier is not recommended to be used for jewelry.

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Overall Customer Rating of 8 Reviews:

Sigma Metalytics precious metal verifier kit

Verifier kit came in excellent condition. It operates as well as advertised!


Works Great After Swapping Out Two Defective Units

I received two defective Sigma PM verifiers from this company. The first one cut off seconds while on battery and the second one was DOA. I sent one of them to the MGR Sigma in CA for replacement after they failed to determine how to fix it. The good news is that Sigma Metalytics works with customers to repair and replace defective units.

Worth the peace of mind!


If you have started dealing in precious metals, this opens your market to the public. It is serving its purpose well for me.

Precious Metals Validator


The validator is helpful. It's imperfect, but such a machine will cost many many times the cost of the validator.

Precious Metal Verifier


Works and gives spot-on readings right out of the box.

I first used it with known composition silver and gold items to get a feel for the readings.

Then went to some of my "iffy" coins.

Not "iffy" in the sense of being fake, but I had several commemorative coins which I didn't know their composition.

Plus, the makeup of junk silver does vary (although not by much, but it's measurable with this unit) according to the coin and the year.

I was happy to learn that the commemorative coins were just above 96% which is about the composition of pre-2013 Britannia's.

The junk silver was all within range.

You might be surprised to learn there are several different settings for junk silver as follows:

90% US pre-1900

90% US pre-1945

90% Coin 1960

96% Britannia

92.5% Sterling

80% Canadian.

I bought the unit with the small and large wands and they work well.

I would have liked to have one with the bullion wand, but the additional price for what could not cost more than ten dollars to produce was just too steep.

I'm sure as production ramps up and initial costs are recouped, that the price will drop.

Not just for the PMV, but for additional wands as well.

I'll just wait.

In absolutely works as advertised and I'm very happy with it.

If you are a serious collector or stacker, this is a GREAT tool.

I'm a stacker, so I won't be buying a silver coin for $5000.00, but some folks do

AND, it is very true...catching just one fake gold coin/bar or high dollar silver coin and it will pay for itself.