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Item #: 782560
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GH-W1800: (3L) 9 x 4.25 Mahogany 1
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    Glass Top Display Box for 3 Coins

    The Guardhouse 1800 style box features ornate, hand crafted decorative elements and is constructed of real wood, with a rich mahagany rubbed finish. The inside of the box features a dark cloth or foam interior framed with a contrasting white collar. A sturdy glass top lid held in place with bright silver colored hinges makes this box ideal for displaying your coins.

    This box has three Large sized openings, or slots. Large slots fit all Large sized Guardhouse or Air Tite Large sized coin capsules. Large direct fit coin capsules can accommodate a range of coin sizes, but are most commonly used for Large Dollars (Trade, Morgan, Peace or Ike Dollars), American Silver Eagles or 1 oz Silver Rounds. For example, this box is perfect for displaying three Morgan dollars in direct fit Guardhouse coin capsules.

    Looking to display two Challenge coins? This box fits three 1.75 inch Challenge coins. No capsule required

    Choose The Right Display Box for Your Coins

    Guardhouse boxes are designed to work with coin capsules.

    Each Guardhouse display box has one or more slots, which fit a SMALL( S ), MEDIUM( M ), LARGE( L ), or EXTRA LARGE( XL ) coin capsule. The sizes - S, M, L, and XL - refer both to the capsule size and the corresponding slot size in the box. Make sure to match the box slot size with the coin capsule size.

    For example, a box with a ( 4S, M ) designation has five slots, four for a SMALL size ( 4S ) coin capsule and one for a MEDIUM sized ( M ) coin capsule.

    When selecting a capsule to house your coin, select either a Direct Fit or a Ring Fit Coin Capsule. We recommend Direct Fit capsules for standard U.S. coin denominations, and Ring Fit capsules for everything else. Ring fit capsules require you to know the diameter of your coin in millimeters.

    Check out the chart below for a quick reference guide:

    Slot Size
    Use direct fit capsules
    for these coins:
    Use ring fit for
    everything else:
    Challenge Coins:
    *No Capsule Required*
    SMALL Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Small $,
    1/10 oz Gold Eagle, 1/4 oz Gold Eagle
    13 - 19 mm N/A
    MEDIUM Half $ ONLY 20 - 25 mm 1 1/2 inch
    LARGE Large $, American Silver Eagle, 1 oz Silver Round,
    1/2 oz Gold Eagle, 1 oz Gold Eagle
    26 - 32 mm 1 3/4 inch
    EXTRA LARGE N/A 33 - 42 mm 2 inch

    **To measure your coin in millimeters for a ring fit capsule, all you need is a ruler with a metric scale.

    California residents
    see Prop 65 WARNINGS

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