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    Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
    Penny | 100 Count Pack
    In Stock 1+
    Nickel | 100 Count Pack
    In Stock 1+
    Dime | 100 Count Pack
    In Stock 1+
    Quarter | 100 Count Pack
    In Stock 1+
    Small Dollar | 100 Count Pack
    ( S.B.A., Sacagawea, Native American, Presidential, & Innovation )
    In Stock 1+
    Half Dollar | 100 Count Pack
    ( Liberty Head, Liberty Walking, Franklin, Kennedy & U.S. Commemorative )
    In Stock 1+
    Large Dollar | 100 Count Pack
    ( Morgan, Trade, Peace, & Eisenhower )
    In Stock 1+


    Staple type paper coin holders are by far the most popular coin storage product that we sell. Each 2'' x 2'' coin flip is sold in a bundle of 100 per coin denomination. Quantity and pricing shown is for each bundle of 100 flips. That means if you put a "2" in the quantity box for Guardhouse 2 x 2 Cent flip, you will receive 200 flips. Please be aware of this before making your purchase.

    About 2 x 2 Coin Flip Holders:

    2 x 2 Coin Flips are easy to use. Simply fold in half around your coin and staple in two corners. The holders have a cardboard frame with a hole cut to match the coin size and a polyester film window for safe long-term storage and protection.

    The common 2" x 2" width is easy to store in Storage Boxes or you could also build your own coin album with Notebook Pages and our Notebook Binders.

    Qty Disc. Info

    Mix & Match: Quantity discounts are APPLIED ACROSS ALL GUARDHOUSE 2 x 2 FLIPS ON THIS PAGE.

    An additional case quantity discount of 5% is added to the cart for all Guardhouse coin flips ordered in multiples of 50 per 1 denomination. NOTE: this case quantity discount is offered PER ITEM and applies ONLY to full case multiples of 50.


    • Order 50 bundles of the same penny flips - receive an additional case discount of 5% on top of the existing quantity discount.
    • Order 20 of one flip and 30 of another - No 5% quantity dicount offered but you still receive the orginial quantity discounts shown above.
    • Order 50 of one flip and 30 of another - receive the quantity discount for all 80 flips plus an additional 5% quantity discount for the item you ordered in a quantity of 50 pieces .
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    what is the lightest holder--cowens or guardhouse ?
    March 10, 2019 1:57 PM
    0 1
    kevin62266 October 10, 2019 6:28 PM
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