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Model Size Color Pack Qty
783420 2 1/2x2 1/2x1 1/8 Black Velvet 1

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Item # Description/Size Availability Qty Break Price Quantity
Black Velvet Coin Capsule Box - Holds a small size coin capsule
In Stock 1+
Velvet Coin Capsule Box -Black Holds a medium size coin capsule - Black Velvet
In Stock 1+
Velvet Coin Capsule Box -Black Holds a large size coin capsule - Black Velvet
In Stock 1+
Black Velvet Coin Capsule Box - Holds an extra large size coin capsule
In Stock 1+
Black Velvet Coin Capsule Box - Holds a Model X Air-Tite Capsules
In Stock 1+


Black Velvet Coin Capsule Boxes for the small, medium, large or extra large coin capsule sizes.

Black velvet coin capsule boxes made in the USA. These boxes come with flocked inserts in the base for small, medium, large and extra large coin capsules (or A, T, H and I using Air-Tite sizes). The inside lid has an elegent white puff fabric. Contructed of a durable metal shell, these coin boxes are a great way to gift or display coins, medal and challenge coins.

Choose The Correct Box For Your Coins

  • Measure your coin in millimeters - there are two ways
    • Use our handy coin sizing guide Coin Capsule Sizing Guide or
      • Search for your coin specifications (note, especially in older coins, different years can be different sizes)
    • Use a ruler with a metric scale
      It's really pretty easy to read. The ruler is broken into big lines and little lines. Each big line is a centimeter (spaced about 3/8") and represents 10 millimeters (1cm = 10mm, 2cm = 20mm). Just go to the closest large line and then add the number of little line. For example, a silver dollar is 38mm (3 big lines + 8 little lines)
  • Find the correct coin capsule
    • Some coins are listed by coin type - cent capsule, nickel capsule, etc.
    • Some times you'll purchase by size - 19mm, 27mm, 39mm
      (note: size refers to coin size, not capsule size!)
    • Identify the capsule size - it is always listed in the capsule description
      For Guardhouse coin capsules they will be S, M, L or XL
      For Air-Tite coin capsules they will be, respectively, A, T, H or I

  • Choose the box that matches your capsule
    • for example, an H capsule (or L) fits into a box designated H (or L)

Here is a chart that shows matching capsule sizes (Size H = Large = 1.75")

Air-tite Guardhouse Challenge Coin
Size A Small n/a
Size T Medium 1.5"
Size H Large 1.75"
Size I X-Large 2"

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