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Wood Coin Boxes

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Guardhouse coin boxes hold coin capsules. Each coin box has one or more openings, or slots, for this purpose. Both the coin box slot openings and coin capsules are identified as Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), Extra Large (XL). When choosing a coin box for your coin, or coins, match the box slot size to the coin capsule size.

Coin capsules come in direct fit or ring fit. We recommend direct fit for standard U.S. denominations, and ring fit for everything else. Challenge coins require no capsule.

Slot Size
Use Direct Fit Capsules
for these Coins:
Ring Fit Challenge
Small Cent, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Small Dollar,
1/10 oz Gold Eagle, 1/4 oz Gold Eagle
13-19mm* N/A
Medium Half Dollar only 20-25mm* 1.5 inch
Large Large Dollar, Silver Eagle, 1 oz Silver Round,
1/2 oz Gold Eagle, 1 oz Gold Eagle
26-32mm* 1.75 inch
Extra Large N/A 33-42mm* 2 inch

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Wood Top Box for Coin Capsule Display
(Item: 782630)
Retail: $12.50

Availability: In Stock


    Wood Top Coin Capsule Display Box This beautifully designed, hand made mahogany colored wood box is designed to hold a single coin capsule. The interior of the box features a white cloth wrapped lid and a black velvet foam base neatly framed with a...

    Glass Top Single Coin Capsule Display Box glass top, coin, display box, wood
    (Item: 782620)
    Retail: $22.50

    Availability: In Stock


      Glass Top Wood Coin Capsule Display Box This beautiful box has a glass top so that you can see your displayed coin even when the box is closed. Designed to hold encapsulated coins and some naked challenge coins in a recessed foam cradle. Cherry...