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EvoCore Coin Capsules 40.6mm for Silver Eagles - Bulk 250 Pack
EvoCore Coin Capsules 40.6mm for Silver Eagles - Bulk 250 Pack

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668237 40mm Ultra Clear 1
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    Premium Coin Capsule for American Silver Eagle - 40.6mm coins

    Ultra coin capsules raise the standard on coin collection protection:

    • Made with PMMA
    • Enhanced Optical Clarity
    • Key-turn Notch
    • Superb Impact and Scratch Resistant

    With the proprietary notch design, opening a coin capsule is easier than ever: it's as easy as turning a key. Simply insert a mini screwdriver into the notch and twist to open. No more wasting your day finding the "tongue" or "inner lid" of a coin capsule. Using the notch design, you can rest assured your capsules will never accidentally pop open either and be exposed to that nasty toxic element we call oxygen. Scratch resistance of ultra coin capsules maintain the pristine look of your collection even longer than standard fare coin capsules.

    The new Ultra coin capsule is a product of precision, designed as a lens for your coin and formed in highly polished molds for a flawless surface. As mentioned earlier, the Ultra coin capsule is made with PMMA, which is known for its clarity, strength, scratch resistance, and safety for coin storage.

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