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Item #: 22104
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9046 6x7.75 Blue 1
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    Whitman 20th Century Type Coin Folder

    Whitman brand folder for collecting a sample of all US coins minted in the 20th century. There are 35 ports in this folder for coin storage. This item includes additional information about individual coins. When open, the Whitman 20th Century Type Coins folder lies flat for all at once viewing. Measures 6 x 7.75 when closed. The Whitman stock number for this item is 9046.

    • Single Sided Coin Viewing
    • Coins Push Into Place

    Whitman Coin Folder
    20th Century Type Coins
    Whitman Folder Model 9046
    Page Contents
    Page 1 Indian, Lincoln, Lincoln (1943 Steel), Lincoln Memorial, Lincoln (Cop. PLTD. Zinc)
    Liberty Head, Buffalo, Jefferson (Wartime Silver), Jefferson
    Barber Dimes, Mercury, Roosevelt (Siver), Roosevelt (Clad)
    Barber Quarters, Liberty standing, Washington (Silver)
    Bicentennial, Washington (Clad), 50 State Commemorative
    Page 2 Barber Half-Dollars, Liberty Walking
    Franklin, Kennedy (Silver)
    Kennedy (Silver Clad), Kennedy (Cop. Nick. Clad), Bicentennial
    Morgan, Peace
    Page 3 Eisenhower, Bicentennial
    Anthony, Sacagawea
    Cent, Nickel, Dime
    Quarter, Half Dollar

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    Mix & Match: Quantity discounts are APPLIED ACROSS ALL WHITMAN & HE HARRIS Folders.

    An additional Case Quantity Discount is added in-cart for all folders ordered in multiples of 60 per title. Note: this case quantity discount is offered PER ITEM and applies ONLY to full case multiples of 60.


    • Order 60 each of the same penny folder - receive an additional case discount on top of the existing quantity discount.
    • Order 30 of one folder and 30 of another - no case quantity discount offered but still receive the 60 piece quantity discount.
    • Order 60 of one folder and 30 of another - receive the quantity discount for all 90 folders plus an additional case quantity discount for the item ordered in quantities of 60 pieces (but not the 30).

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