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Item #: 23320
Model Size Color Pack Qty
8144 7/8 Brown 1
Price: $42.95
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    Dansco State Quarter with Proofs 2004 to 2008 P&D Vol 2 Coin Album

    This Dansco Supreme coin album displays Washington State Quarters from both Philadelphia and Denver Mints minted between 2004 and 2008. Features 5 removable pages with a total of 100 coin ports visible from both sides and protected with acetate. The Dansco model number for this album is 8144. It can be used with a 7/8 inch slipcover (sold separately).

    • Coin Viewing From Both Coin Sides
    • Protective Slides Hold Coins In Place

    Dansco Coin Album
    Washington Quarters Statehood Commemorative 2004-2008 including proof
    Dansco Album Model 8144
    Page Contents
    Inside Cover History of the statehood commemorative quarters
    Page 1 Michigan 2004p, Michigan 2004d, Michigan 2004s proof, Michigan 2004s silver proof
    Florida 2004p, Florida 2004d, Florida 2004s proof, Florida 2004s silver proof
    Texas 2004p, Texas 2004d, Texas 2004s proof, Texas 2004s silver proof
    Iowa 2004p, Iowa 2004d, Iowa 2004s proof, Iowa 2004s silver proof
    Wisconsin 2004p, Wisconsin 2004d, Wisconsin 2004s proof, Wisconsin 2004s silver proof
    Page 2 California 2005p, California 2005d, California 2005s Proof, California 2005s silver proof
    Minnesota 2005p, Minnesota 2005d, Minnesota 2005s proof, Minnesota 2005s silver proof
    Oregon 2005p, Oregon 2005d, Oregon 2005s proof, Oregon 2005s silver proof
    Kansas 2005p, Kansas 2005d, Kansas 2005s proof, Kansas 2005s silver proof
    West Virginia 2005p, West Virginia 2005d, West Virginia 2005s proof, West Virginia 2005s silver proof
    Page 3 Nevada 2006p, Nevada 2006d, Nevada 2006s proof, Nevada 2006s silver proof
    Nebraska 2006p, Nebraska 2006d, Nebraska 2006s proof, Nebraska 2006s silver proof
    Colorado 2006p, Colorado 2006d, Colorado 2006s proof, Colorado 2006s silver proof
    North Dakota 2006p, North Dakota 2006d, North Dakota 2006s proof, North Dakota 2006s silver proof
    South Dakota 2006p, South Dakota 2006d, South Dakota 2006s proof, South Dakota 2006s silver proof
    Page 4 Montana 2007p, Montana 2007d, Montana 2007s proof, Montana 2007s silver proof
    Washington 2007p, Washington 2007d, Washington 2007s proof, Washington 2007s silver proof
    Idaho 2007p, Idaho 2007d, Idaho 2007s proof, Idaho 2007s silver proof
    Wyoming 2007p, Wyoming 2007d, Wyoming 2007s proof, Wyoming 2007s silver proof
    Utah 2007p, Utah 2007d, Utah 2007s proof, Utah 2007s silver proof
    Page 5 Oklahoma 2008p, Oklahoma 2008d, Oklahoma 2008s proof, Oklahoma 2008s silver proof
    New Mexico 2008p, New Mexico 2008d, New Mexico 2008s proof, New Mexico 2008s silver proof
    Arizona 2008p, Arizona 2008d, Arizona 2008s proof, Arizona 2008s silver proof
    Alaska 2008p, Alaska 2008d, Alaska 2008s proof, Alaska 2008s silver proof
    Hawaii 2008p, Hawaii 2008d, Hawaii 2008s proof, Hawaii 2008s silver proof
    Inside Cover A listing of: State, Capital, Nickname, Statehood Date

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