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State Quarter with Proofs 2004 to 2008 P&D Vol 2 - Dansco Coin Album 8144
State Quarter with Proofs 2004 to 2008 P&D Vol 2 - Dansco Coin Album 8144

Price: $42.95

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8143 7/8 Brown 1
Price: $42.95
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    Dansco State Quarter with Proofs 1999 to 2003 P&D Vol.1 Coin Album

    The front cover of this Dansco coin album is imprinted with the title "Washington Quarters Statehood Commemorative 1999-2003 Including Proof". The overall album features five pages each holding 20 coins for a total of 100 and includes P, D, S an Silver Proof quarters. The inside cover describes Statehood Commemorative Quarters while the inside back cover lists the states represented in the album, its capital, nickname and date that it was admitted to the union. Please note that this album does not list the quantities minted by year.

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    Dansco Coin Album
    Washington Quarters Statehood Commemorative 1999-2003 Including Proof
    Dansco Album Model 8143
    Page Contents
    Inside Cover History on statehood commemorative quarters.
    Page 1 Delaware 1999P, Delaware 1999D, Delaware 1999S proof, Delaware 1999S Silver proof
    Pennsylvania 199P, Pennsylvania 1999D, Pennsylvania 1999S proof, Pennsylvania 1999S Silver proof
    New Jersey 1999P, New Jersey 1999D, New Jersey 1999S proof, New Jersey 1999S Silver proof
    Georgia 1999P, Georgia 1999D, Georgia 1999S proof, Georgia 1999S Silver proof
    Page 2 Massachusetts 2000P, Massachusetts 2000D, Massachusetts 2000S proof, Massachusetts 2000S Silver proof
    Maryland 2000P, Maryland 2000D, Maryland 2000S proof, Maryland 2000S Silver proof
    South Carolina 2000P, South Carolina 2000D, South Carolina 2000S proof, South Carolina 2000S Silver proof
    New Hampshire 2000P, New Hampshire 2000D, New Hampshire 2000S proof, New Hampshire 2000S Silver proof
    Virginia 2000P, Virginia 2000D, Virigina 2000S proof, Virginia 2000S Silver proof
    Page 3 New York 2001P, New York 2001D, New York 2001S proof, New York 2001S Silver proof
    North Carolina 2001P, North Carolina 2001D, North Carolina 2001S proof, NOrth Carolina 2001S Silver proof
    Rhode Island 2001P, Rhode Island 2001D, Rhode Island 2001S proof, Rhode Island 2001S Silver proof
    Vermont 2001P, Vermont 2001D, Vermont 2001S proof, Vermont 2001S Silver proof
    Kentucky 2001P, Kentucky 2001D, Kentucky 2001S proof, Kentucky 2001S Silver proof
    Page 4 Tennessee 2002P, Tennessee 2002D, Tennessee 2002S proof, Tennessee 2002S Silver proof
    Ohio 2002P, Ohio 2002D, Ohio 2002S proof, Ohio 2002S Silver proof
    Louisiana 2002P, Louisiana 2002D, Lousiiana 2002S proof, Lousiana 2002S Silver proof
    Indiana 2002P, Indiana 2002D, Indiana 2002S proof, Indiana 2002S Silver proof
    Mississippi 2002P, Mississippi 2002D, Mississippi 2002S proof, Mississippi 2002S Silver proof
    Page 5 Illinois 2003P, Illinois 2003D, Illinois 2003S proof, Illinois 2003S Silver proof
    Alabama 2003P, Alabama 2003D, Alabama 2003S proof, Alabama 2003S Silver proof
    Maine 2003P, Maine 2003D, Maine 2003S proof, Maine 2003S Silver proof
    Arkansas 2003P, Arkansas 2003D, Arkansas 2003S proof, Arkansas 2003S Silver proof
    Inside Cover List of state, capital, nickname, and statehood date.

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