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Item #: 26736
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1711 30mm 1
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    5x Designo Biconvex Pocket Magnifier

    The Designo Biconvex pocket magnifier from Eschenbach features a built in sliding case that protects the powerful magnification lens. It is easy to use and carry in a pocket or purse.

    Additional Features:

    • Magnification: 4x
    • Diopter: 21D
    • Illumination: No
    • Lens Size: 30mm (1.18 inches)
    • Lens Type: Biconvex
    • Case: Built-in
    • Case Material: ABS plastic
    • Bulb: No
    • Power Source: No
    • Mount: No
    • Lens Material: PXM plastic
    • Eschenbach Part Number: 1711

    Diopter Defined: a "diopter" is a term that refers to magnification power of a device and is the unit of measure used by eye doctors. While magnifiers are frequently referred to in "X" powers, this definition can vary across manufacturers. Diopter, however, does not vary and is a consistent measurement.

    Biconvex Defined: Convex is curving out. This particular lens on this magnifier is biconvex which means that it curves outward on both sides.

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