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Ideal for Morgan dollars & Silver Eagles! Also works with 1.75" Challenge Coins.

Model Size Color Pack Qty
GH-WH40 9.75x12 Mahogany 1

This Guardhouse wood coin display box will hold 20 H-size Air-Tite coin capsules. Wood box is a rich mahogany color and the interior features a white satin top along with a dark blue velvet floor. It includes 20 recessed locations with ribbon tabs to help lift your coin out. Coin capsules for this box are sold separately and not included.

H-size Air-Tite coin capsules are 1.75" in diameter (44.45 mm) and accommodate the following coins:

    Direct Fit Capsules
  • H38 - Silver Dollars (Trade, Morgan, Peace & Eisenhowser)
  • H39 - Silver Rounds
  • H40 - Silver Eagles
    Ring Fit Capsules
  • 26-32 mm Coins

20 Challenge Coin Wood Display Box!

A popular size for challenge coins is 1.75 inches. This 20 piece wood display box is perfect for 1 3/4" challenge coins! Because the insets are 1 3/4" in diameter you will not need to use Air-Tite capsules with your 1.75" challenge coins.

NOTE: This box has 1 3/4" openings. Although it will hold challenge coins without a coin capsule it does require all other coins to be in an an Air-Tite size H or Guardhouse size LARGE capsule.

Choose The Correct Box For Your Coins


  • Measure your coin in millimeters - there are two ways
    • Use a website like or
      • Search for your coin specifications (note, especially in older coins, different years can be different sizes)
    • Use a ruler with a metric scale
      It's really pretty easy to read. The ruler is broken into big lines and little lines. Each big line is a centimeter (spaced about 3/8") and represents 10 millimeters (1cm = 10mm, 2cm = 20mm). Just go to the closest large line and then add the number of little line. For example, a silver dollar is 38mm (3 big lines + 8 little lines)
  • Find the correct coin capsule
    • Some coins are listed by coin type - cent capsule, nickel capsule, etc.
    • Some times you'll purchase by size - 19mm, 27mm, 39mm
      (note: size refers to coin size, not capsule size!)
    • Identify the capsule size - it is always listed in the capsule description
      For Guardhouse coin capsules they will be S, M, L or XL
      For Air-Tite coin capsules they will be, respectively, A, T, H or I
  • Use this box ONLY if your coin capsule is an Air-Tite Size H or Guardhouse Size L
    (or it is a 1.75" Challenge Coin with no coin capsule)

Need More Info?
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Will this hold encapsulated American Silver Eagles


YES BUT... the eagles must be in direct fit capsules.

There are two types of coin capsules - Ring Fit and Direct Fit.

Ring fit capsules have a black or white rubber ring that surrounds the coin and keeps it centered in the capsule. Because of the additional ring the overall capsule is a larger diameter (2") than the direct fit style. Air-Tite ring fit capsules for Silver Eagles are 'Model I'.

Direct fit capsules do not have the ring so the overall capsule size is smaller (1.75"). Air-Tite direct fit capsules for silver Eagles are 'model H'. The guardhouse equivalent is 'size L' If your encapsulated Silver Eagle looks like this you have have direct fit.

Musicman January 7, 2016 3:36 PM
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What is to keep coins or tokens from sliding around?

CSE Replies:

This box is designed to hold coins that are in Air-Tite H size or Guardhouse Large size coin capsules. Coin capsules are held in place with capsule size indentations in the box.

signet3 July 16, 2015 3:25 PM
Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

Very nice.


This is the 3rd of these coin boxes I have purchased. They are very nice and l like that they hold 20 coins for long term storage.

Great Product


This is the second box I have ordered and was very happy and will be ordering another one soon

Happy Customer

  • quality

I am very happy with the display box. I will probably buy another as soon as my coin collection grows.

<p>great quality & appearance,fairly priced, nicely packaged, promptly shipped,very happy</p>

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