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  • Model:  2502
  • Size:  Dime
  • Color: 
  • Pack Qty:  100
  • Cowens Cardboard 2x2 Coin Flips - Dimes

    Cowens brand cardboard 2x2 coin flips for dime coins are among the most popular coin holders available and are a snap to use - simply fold over and staple. The clear Mylar® window allows viewing of both the front and the back of an inserted coin. 100 holders to a package.

    Cowens 2x2 Coin Flips are made with heavier cardboard that provides rigid protection for your coins but takes up more space in your storage boxes than lighter weight coin holders that also provide adequate protection and allow more room for your collection. Although well known in coin collecting, the thickness of Cowens cardboard 2x2 coin flips can make them more difficult to staple through than brands with thinner cardboard frames. There is no right or wrong answer in regard to cardboard thickness of varying brands of 2x2 coin flips; it's just a matter of personal preference.

    This item is a Dime Size Cowens 2x2 Coin Flip.

    2x2 Coin Flip Construction

    Cowens cardboard 2x2 coin flips are manufactured so that the mylar® is the only material that comes in contact with your coin. This means that the mylar® polyester film is actually on the inside of the coin flip and that the cutout circle in the cardboard is on the outside. This seems backwards since the coin won't fit neatly in the hole but this method ensures that your coin only comes into contact with the DuPont Mylar® polyester film window - the chemically least reactive material available for coins that does not tear or scratch and is moisture resistant.

    How To Use 2x2 Coin Flips

    To use a 2x2 coin flip you center your coin on the film side inside of the window opening. You fold the flip in half so that the mylar® covers both sides of your coin and then carefully staple the holder together in the corners being careful not to nick your coin with a staple. With a little practice you'll have no trouble centering coins in Cowens 2x2 coin flips.

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    Cleveland, OH

    Very Nice


    They were out of the Guardhouse Box Dime, so went with these and am very pleased with the savings. Will be splitting them up with my granddaughter who's just getting started. Timely shipping.

    The best price


    The best price and fastest shipping AAAA++++


    Excellent price and quick delivery. Well done

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