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400+ full color spiral bound pages detailing thousands of US stamps with thorough details and specifications for novice and expert collectors alike

  • ISBN: 0794844170
  • Pub Date: 10/15/2016 Edition:
  • Binding: Hard Spiral Size: Pages: 400

  • 400+ full-color, spiral bound pages
  • Thousands of color stamp images
  • Hardbound with hidden spiral
  • Informational catalog guide suitable for every stamp collector whether you're a novice or expert
  • Favorite formats: Single, plate blacks, linepairs, booklet panes, first day covers, postal stationary, and more
  • Illustrated Stamp Identifier: details and pictures the unique identifying features that assist the collector to differentiate between common and rare look-alike stamps
  • Thorough Collector's Guide: explains different design varieties, production methods, collecting formats, quality and condition criteria, and postal markings
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